Top Deck

Wasteland and Pocket-Monsters Banner Short copyA game of guessing, bluffing, and betting to out-wit your opponents and collect the most points.

Comes with everything you need for 2 – 6 players. You can play a couple of matches for 15 – 20 minutes of fun, or spend up to an hour playing a full game. Top Deck is designed so that inexperienced gamers can rely on dumb-luck to get by, but experienced gamers can develop specific strategies in hopes of out-thinking other players. 

You will each use a personal themed deck, Bonus cards, and character abilities to compete for individual Slots. The highest bidder wins, but each slot has an increasing value, so the stakes get higher as the game goes on.  

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Fun, original games at a great price, and lessons for designers on what not to do.

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