Hot Pursuit Rules


Howdy!  You are here because you received a promotional copy of Hot Pursuit. Below, you’ll find the rules necessary for your base game and the expansion pack.  You can also download a full print and play copy to share with your friends. Simply click on the link to download the file.

Hot Pursuit (base game: 2 – 6 players)
To Catch a Thief (2 players)
Big City Matchmakers (3 – 6* players)

Hot Pursuit: Expand the Chase (expansion: 1 and 4 – 10 players)
Cut Out the Corruption (1 player)
Spy Hunters (4 – 10 players)

Print and Play Copy
PnP with Solitaire and Teams (1 – 6**)

* Up to 8 players with extra cards from the expansion.
**If you need extra cards for more players, just print more copies of Page 2.

Thanks again for playing and for stopping by! 😀

Fun, original games at a great price, and lessons for designers on what not to do.

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