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A tactical dice game of battling humid jungles, deep oceans, burning deserts, unscrupulous tomb raiders, and even other archaeologists in the search for ancient artifacts and glory. With a little luck, a little money, and a lot of daring, you’re sure to find your heart’s desire.

All set up and ready for work!
All set up and ready for work!

Earn renown by making progress at three different archaeological sites, saving money, and finding artifacts. Finish the game with the most renown and money to win!

Ancient Artifacts features dice placement, some pattern building, a bit of press-your-luck, and a lot of fun for 1 – 4 players and takes 20 – 45 minutes.

Want to know more? You can check out the rules HERE and the Print-and-Play file HERE.

Fun, original games at a great price, and lessons for designers on what not to do.

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