Please, Forgive the Delay

Hey there,
How’s it going? I’ve been slammed, lately. I just finished a 50 day race to the finish line of The Game Crafter’s Time Challenge. The last week I actually took some time off of work and a LOT of “free” time at home to quickly finish up what has become “A Dragon Show for the King“. It is not the theme I wanted, the card back I wanted, or even the art that I wanted, BUT it is deeply satisfying. Not just because it’s fun to play. I’m a happy-happy camper just having it “finished”. This was my 10th game. Tenth! The first game I have roughly finished. And in finishing, I have learned so VERY much. Over the next few weeks I’d like to share with you the personal, design, and publishing tricks, issues, and lessons I have struggled through.

Unfortunately, my learned lessons won’t be ready until next week. Until then, please head to The Game Crafter and check out all of the great entries in the contest and let me know what you think 😀

Let me know what you think