The card passing, hand trading game of deduction set in 1940’s New York.  Great for 1 – 10 players, taking about 10 minutes per game. Hot Pursuit uses 3 cards per player and only needs your hands.  New cards aren’t drawn or played – no table needed*!

A modern man, done with his day’s work, steps out of his office tower’s lobby into the busy bustle of a city sidewalk. Just as he is getting his bearings set towards home, he collides with someone. He apologizes profusely. She politely excuses herself. He tries to ask if she’s alright but she just scurries off again. Who was that lovely lady and why was she in such a hurry? Now, it’s time for you to be a true friend and help this modern man find his missing beauty.

Card Spread

3 cards are dealt to each player.  Whomever is dealt the Pink card becomes the Jealous Ex bent on sabotaging the game, the person who receives the Blue card is the Modern Man, and everyone else is a friend.  All of the friendly players earn a joint victory by passing and trading until the Pink and Blue cards are both in the Modern Man’s hand, facing him.  However, the Jealous Ex wins if he/she can manipulate the Pink and Blue cards together, facing anyone who is not the Modern Man.  **Extra rules and story for solitaire, 2 players, and team play with player elimination, included!

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