A Button Shy 2017 Wallet Game Design Contest finalist!

The card passing, hand trading game of deduction set in 1940’s New York.  Hot Pursuit is a versatile and portable game system which can be used to play different games based on your player count or even your own design!Card Spread

Because Hot Pursuit is a game system, there is no limit or prescribed method for games (aside component limitations). However, the 4 games below were designed with similar functions – no drawing or discarding cards, passing/trading/and exchanging as the primary interaction, and a goal of bringing together multiple “key” cards. They also use roughly 3 cards per player, take 10 – 20 minutes to play, and are simple yet not at all easy.

Print and Play Cards
Full PnP with extra card for Solitaire and Teams
(If you need extra cards for more players, just print more copies of Page 2)

Current Rules and Games
Cut Out the Corruption (1 player)
To Catch a Thief (2 players)
Big City Matchmakers (3 – 6 players)
Spy Hunters (4 – 10 players)

Got your own idea? Send it in – I’d love to try it out! And if it’s really cool, I’ll post it here as an official game.

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