#5: Better = Less Bad

In the spirit of doing and failing more, I’d like to discuss something I’ve seen far too many people lose perspective on:

“Better” is not the same thing as “Good” or “Right”. Better means “Less Bad”. And only less bad.

As we’ve discussed before, you must DO in order to have something to improve. Then, you must FAIL in order to make it better. As you go through the process of failing, improving, and failing some more, you will eventually reach a point of recognizing that your game is significantly better. It is very easy and quite tempting to finally rest on your haunches and revel in how much more fun / easier to learn / more beautiful your game is (especially after the 3rd or 4th time this happens). Don’t fall for the siren song of “Better”!

Your game CAN be great! Your customers / fans deserve the best product that you can possibly deliver. The BEST – not the better. This will likely require you to be willing to make scary cuts and big changes. The key is that you won’t know until you try it. So, PLEASE, keep working, keep trying, keep making the game better but don’t stop until it is the BEST.

With any luck this post will be a helpful reminder for all of you, just as it has helped me. *Warning: next week’s post is LONG. Good stuff about something I recently learned, but long. Maybe the shortness of this week’s post will give you a little extra energy reserve for next time 😉

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