A Dragon Show for the King

Draft dragon eggs and hatch the most impressive show for the King!

To celebrate the completion of his highway, the King is throwing a party which must dazzle, amaze, and excite his people. His highness has decreed there should be a Dragon Show!

The time and day have been set. In a show of great generosity, the King has bought up every dragon egg in the land and issued a challenge: whoever presents the most impressive show of dragons on the appointed day will win a royal favor. Each day vendors will rotate through the kingdom distributing eggs to any soul brave enough to accept his challenge. With a quickly approaching deadline and only 3 hatcheries in which to work, you must use your limited time and space wisely. Remember to be careful with the eggs: the King does not look kindly on those who waste HIS resources.

*You can read up on why this game turned out the way it did. Follow the designer diaries and lessons learned here.

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